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    So you’ve been feeling stuck in an area of your life, and just can’t seem to move beyond this struggle. You’ve tried everything you can think of, but nothing has worked to move you forward. Perhaps you’ve tried to find a counsellor near you but haven’t been able to get yourself to reach out.

    A few examples (among many…) that come to mind for me as I write this:

    • Your partnership/marriage relationship is at a standstill and you feel unhappy and unfulfilled, but everything you and your partner/spouse have tried has failed to move you forward
    • You and your lover used to have great sex. You’ve been together for some time now, and the spark just isn’t there anymore
    • You started a career that you thought was right for you, but now find yourself bored, frustrated, and unhappy at work almost every day, or almost every minute of every day
    • You’ve tried to date a few people but whenever it gets a bit more serious, the person pulls out, or you realize the chemistry just isn’t right for you
    • You’re tired of your friends or family wanting you to be a who they want you to be. You might identify with a different gender than what your physiology suggests, or you support LGBTQIA2+ rights, or you have social justice, religious, or political views that are different from what your friends and family deem acceptable

    The list could go on and on, but I’ll stop there. Feel free insert the stuck-ness struggle you are experiencing here _______________.

    Feeling stuck is normal

    We all get to points in life where the things we used to do, and what we thought we knew of ourselves, don’t seem to work anymore. After a while of protesting silently (or loudly) in frustration, you try to “just settle” and hope the issue will go away, but it doesn’t. Friends and family constantly tell you what you should do, but that just get’s annoying after a while. You feel misunderstood by them. If it was as simple as what they present, you would have already fixed it. Frustrated and defeated, you seek ways to fill this annoyance.

    Common ways people try to fill the void of pain

    • Watching TV
    • Obsessively checking job markets
    • Social media
    • Alcohol
    • Lots and lots of sex
    • Being angry and bitter

    There is nothing wrong with any of the above, in moderation. In healthy amounts it’s normally to have a glass of wine occasionally, to stay in touch with friends and family via social media platforms, watching a show, being sexually active, checking for available jobs, and/or feeling frustrated and angry about something. BUT, on their own they are not solving any problems.

    What to do when you feel stuck

    Counselling therapy is a great way to get professional help to get unstuck. There are many great counselling therapists in Winnipeg who can help. Counselling therapists have the training and experience to help you get unstuck. This brings me to my question:

    How to find a Winnipeg therapist that’s right for you

    The first step is to do some research. There are great tools to help you find a counsellor in Winnipeg that’s right for you:

    • Contact Empower Counselling Services Winnipeg to request a FREE 15-minute video or phone consultation. Click here to get started
    • Ask a friend or family member. Many of them have been there too
    • Ask a colleague, or an HR person at your workplace
    • Psychology Today
    • Theravive
    • When searching for a counselling therapist online, make sure to read the therapist’s bio to see if you can ‘connect’ with them. There is an overwhelming amount of research showing that feeling comfortable with your counselling therapist is one of the most important and helpful things for successful therapy. Google terms such as “therapist near me,” “find a Winnipeg counsellor,” “couples counsellor near me,” “marriage counsellor in Winnipeg,” “trauma and PTSD counsellor nearby,”  “relationship counsellor in Winnipeg,” “find a sex therapist in Winnipeg,” or something similar. Have a look at therapists’ websites. Read their bios, and get an overall sense about the vibe you get from what you are reading and seeing

    Then, once you’ve found a Winnipeg therapist whose bio seems to connect with what you’re looking for, make the call, or send an email to request a FREE consultation appointment.

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    Would love to hear from you even if you’re not ready to make a committment to an appointment. Feel free to call or email me today to request a FREE 15-minute phone or video consultation.

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