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  • Sex Positive Therapy in Winnipeg, For Adult Individuals

    Stigma for people’s sexual orientation, gender identity, sexual likes and preferences, and sexual anxiety or other sexual problems continue to be sources of significant emotional suffering for folks who don’t live within our socially constructed views on sexuality. This is true for both individual sexuality and sexuality that’s expressed between individuals. If you are looking for sex positive therapy near you in Winnipeg for adult individuals, you’ve come to the right place. And we’re super pumped that you’re visiting us today!

    What is Sex Positive Therapy?

    Sex positive therapy is similar, but not identical, to sex therapy. While sex therapy focuses more specifically on issues around sexual health and intimacy counselling, sex positive therapy is counselling that is sex-positive no matter the area in which help is needed; that is, regardless of what brings people into therapy. For example, if you are coming to counselling for help with mental health struggles (or any other issues) that are unrelated to sex, sexuality, and/or gender identity counselling, this therapy is still sex-positive because your therapist views sexuality positively. Human sexuality has traditionally been viewed overwhelmingly negatively and hierarchically. Sex positive therapy seeks to change antiquated views on sexuality by celebrating humanity’s gorgeously wide array of sexual practices, gender identities, and sexual orientations.

    To put it simply, sex positive counselling takes a positive perspective on human sexualitysex, gender, and sexuality are celebrated for their beautiful diversity.

    How Does Sex Positive Therapy at Empower Counselling Services Winnipeg Help Adult Individuals?

    It helps all clients because it views sex, sexuality, sexual orientation, and gender identity as positive. Sexual and gender diversity are celebrated and viewed positively even when clients are seeking help in areas that are unrelated to sex, sexuality, sexual orientation, and/or gender identity.

    It helps individuals who have experienced sexual injustices and traumas, such as:

    • Sexual abuse of any type
    • Non-consensual advancements
    • Disrespect for boundaries
    • Gender discrimination
    • Stigmatization for LGBTQ+ communities
    • Sexist gestures and gender stereotyping

    Is Sex Positive Therapy in Winnipeg Right for You?

    If you are looking for any therapy that is sex and gender inclusive, positive, and affirming, regardless of the area in which help is needed, then sex positive and LGBTQ+ allied counselling in Winnipeg could be right for you.

    More Ways Our Sex Positive Therapists Can Help

    Our sex positive therapists also have training and experience in helping you address issues that are directly related to sexual and gender health, including the following and more:

    • Sexual trauma
    • Trauma from being shamed about your sexual orientation
    • Trauma from being shamed about your gender identity
    • Wanting to come out but fearing the consequences, such as being shamed and/or risking negative relationship outcomes
    • Sexual anxiety
    • Intimacy issues

    What to Expect from Sex Positive Therapy

    Talk therapy is one of the tools used in sex positive and LGBTQ+ affirming counselling but it’s generally not enough to resolve all of a person’s struggles. To address whatever emotional issues may be going on underneath, certain behavioural techniques may be used, and in other cases traumas may need to be cleared in order to move forward with your desired goals. Usually, these techniques will involve physical exercises that clients will do on their own, outside of the therapy setting.

    Sex Positive Therapy Seeks to Eliminate Stigma and Heal Trauma

    If any of the following sound like you…

    • You have experienced sexual abuse and would like to be free from the resulting traumatic impacts
    • You are feeling emotionally disconnected
    • You don’t identify with heteronormative-cisgender stereotypes
    • You are attracted to the same-sex but fear the possibility of relational fall-outs if you come out
    • You experience sexual shame and anxiety

    … then sex positive counselling for adults may be what you’ve been looking for. As sex positive Winnipeg counsellors, the primary focus of our work is to help you reduce and eventually eliminate shame and confusion. Once shame is no longer running the show, you will have space to shift your focus on the issues that have kept you stuck for too long.

    Our Non-Judgment Philosophy

    We believe that…

    • … some people’s sexual desires are higher than others’, some are lower than others’
    • … some like it this way, some that way
    • … some experience same, some both, and some opposite sex attraction
    • … some identify with male, some with female, some with both genders, and some with all genders, and some with no gender

    … as long as there is respect and there is full and clear consent towards self and/or another person(s), inclusivity and non-judgment can help reduce sexual shame and pain.

    Thus, we believe by lowering emotional suffering as it relates to people’s sexuality (e.g. by eliminating judgment), sexual violence in families and societies goes down because people can practice and express themselves in a healthy and shame-free way.

    Sexual Consent and Sex Positive Therapy in Winnipeg

    Please take time to educate yourself and others on the importance of sexual consent. Click the button below to learn more about our views on consent.

    Sexual Consent

    Manitoba’s Province of Manitoba | You Are Not Alone project is another excellent resource to get you started.

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