• Does Insurance Cover Our Winnipeg Counselling Therapy Services?

    One of the frequently asked questions about counselling services is regarding financial accessibility. And part of this inquiry frequently includes questions about insurance coverage; that is, people often want to know, will insurance cover my Winnipeg counselling therapy sessions? Excellent question. Let’s explore.

    Does Insurance Cover Our Counselling Therapy Services?

    Having insurance coverage can go a long way to make counselling therapy more accessible in Winnipeg. The tricky part is that therapists cannot guarantee insurance coverage to clients. The only way to have certainty about insurance coverage is by checking with your insurance plan to see if you have insurance coverage for the type of counselling therapy services we offer at Empower Counselling Services Winnipeg.

    How Can I Know If Insurance Will Cover My Counselling Therapy Sessions?

    There are a few ways to find out whether your insurance provider will cover your counselling therapy sessions:

    • Review your employee documents regarding insurance coverage for counselling therapy services in Winnipeg
    • Call or email your insurance provider to ask about your insurance coverage for counselling therapy sessions. You will need to tell your insurance company your therapist’s professional designation, which you can find in each of our therapists’ bios. You are also most welcome to call us at (431) 688-8103 or email info@empoweryoutoday.ca to inquire about our therapists’ credentials

    Do You Offer Direct Billing to Insurance Companies?

    We do not offer direct billing at this time. Our clients pay for services at the end of each session and then submit their invoice to their insurance provider to request reimbursement.

    I Don’t Have Insurance Coverage. What Are Your Counselling Therapy Fees?

    We recognize that affordability for private counselling therapy sservices continues to be a significant barrier to Winnipeggers getting the mental health supports you so deserve. We also recognize that affordability is a relative term. At Empower Counselling Services Winnipeg we do our very best to keep our fees as affordable as we can while also acknowledging the hard reality of needing to earn a living for ourselves.

    Our fees for adult individuals and couples is $126 per session (including GST). Please feel free to learn more about our fees, at this link.

    How Do I Pay For My Sessions?

    We accept the following payment methods:

    • E-transfer
    • Debit
    • Cash
    • Credit
    • Check

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