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  • The Importance of Community for Mental Health Support

    Our mental health significantly impacts our quality of life, so it makes sense that we would want to do all we can to improve it. This improvement may include things like eating healthy foods, exercising, and getting enough quality sleep each night.

    But there is something else that greatly influences our mental health and that is a community and a sense of belonging. Human beings are wired for connection. When we feel connected to others, we feel loved and supported. Friends can often help alleviate the stress in our life because our friends are there for us to lean on.

    If you have been feeling alone and isolated, here are some ways you can find your own community and begin to connect with others.

    Building Community for Mental Health Support Tip 1: Go with What Interests You

    What activities and hobbies do you have? You may want to join a book club or take a painting lesson. If you’re athletic or used to playing a sport in school, maybe you could join a local team. You’ll no doubt find it easier to connect with others who enjoy doing the same things you do.

    Tip 2: Volunteer

    Being of service to others is highly rewarding, and volunteering is also a great way to connect with others who share similar values. What causes do you feel passionate about? What charities do you support? Check out their website or give them a call to see what volunteering opportunities they may have available.

    Building Community for Mental Health Support Tip 3: Connect with Something Bigger Than Yourself

    Do you have a particular club or group activity you connect with? Maybe it’s time to get back to exploring these, or try taking that meditation class you’ve been thinking about. Is there a political cause that speaks to your heart? Helping others reach a meaningful goal can be a great way to find purpose in your own life.

    Humans are not meant to be alone. We need to socialize. If you have been feeling alone and down, now might be the time to go out and make some new connections.

    And if you’ve been struggling to get started and would like some support or just someone to talk to, please reach out today.

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