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  • Are You Experiencing Burnout?

    Many people think of burnout as simply being incredibly tired after a long week or month of work or studies at school. But burnout is much more than a physical exhaustion. In addition to feeling exhausted, here are a few more ways to tell whether you might be experiencing burnout:


    Pessimism is a major red flag that someone might be experiencing burnout. And they won’t just feel pessimistic about whatever it is that is causing them big stress (job, school, relationship), they will feel pessimistic about life and the world at large.

    Sleep Issues

    Burnout makes it incredibly hard to get a good night’s rest. And this lack of rest in turn also fuels and deepens the burnout. Either a person finds it hard to fall asleep, lying there wide awake for hours, or they fall asleep but then wake up frequently throughout the night. When you don’t get enough quality sleep, it makes it difficult to cope with stress, which makes it hard to sleep, and the vicious cycle continues.

    Sudden Physical Ailments

    A major sign of burnout is suddenly experiencing physical symptoms that seem out of the norm for you. For instance, often people with no prior history of GI upset or headaches, or even catching every cold that goes around, will begin to have chronic issues that don’t seem to make sense. While it is very important to check with your doctor to make sure there aren’t other underlying health concerns that are causing these ailments, they could be a sign that you are experiencing burnout.

    Is it Time to Speak with Someone?

    Burnout shouldn’t be taken lightly. You shouldn’t try to ‘tough it out’ and get on with things. Now might be the right time to make your mental health a priority. If you would like to speak with someone about what has been bothering you, please reach out to us. We’d love to see how we can be part of your burnout recovery journey.

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