• How to Tell if Counselling Therapy is Right for You

    Have you been wondering if you should find a Winnipeg therapist for help with a specific struggle, but you’re not sure how and where to get started? You’ve come to the right place.

    At Empower Counselling Services Winnipeg we strongly believe that counselling therapy works best when the therapist is a good fit for the client. That’s the reason we offer blogs such as this one—to help you in finding a Winnipeg counsellor near you that’s a good fit for you personally, and who specializes in working in the areas in which you are seeking help.

    When to Seek Help

    When it comes to physical health, it’s often fairly easy to know whether or not you need to see a doctor. For example: If you catch a light cold, there’s really no need to make an appointment, however, if you break your ankle, you need to immediately get to an emergency room. But when it comes to your mental and emotional health, things are often not as black and white.

    Ways to Tell Whether Counselling Therapy is Right for You

    Please note that the below are meant as examples only. There are many other reasons to seek help from a professional therapist to improve your quality of life.

    Truth is, seeking help before problems get too big and complex, regardless of the issue at hand, often leads to quicker and more successful therapeutic results. For example: Relationships that are generally strong and healthy can weather a single conflict quite successfully. However, when conflict gets stacked on layers upon layers of long-term discord, healing will take much more work and time; i.e. the longer and more complex the conflict, the longer and more complex the healing journey. The same is true for any other life-struggles.

    Examples of when to seek counselling:


    It’s common to feel anxious from time to time, but if you’ve noticed your anxiety levels increasing and interfering with your ability to do normal activities like work, household chores, and sleep, you may benefit from talking to a mental health professional.

    Trauma or Abuse

    Trauma and abuse can leave lasting scars that, if left untreated, can negatively impact every aspect of your life, from relationships to your ability to experience joy and happiness. Coming to terms with your experience by speaking with an empathic and specially-trained therapist can help you to heal.


    Addiction can destroy lives and families. Recognizing you have an addiction is often the hardest part.

    If you feel that a loved one is suffering from an addiction, whether it’s substance abuse (e.g. drugs and alcohol), or behavioral addictions (e.g. gambling, sex addiction), a professional therapist can help. Often it is a loved one of the individual suffering from addiction that will approach a mental health professional first.

    Couple and Marriage Problems

    If you find yourself unable to communicate with your partner or spouse and are wondering if divorce is the only answer, seeking couples counseling could help get the relationship back on track.

    Obsessive or Compulsive Behaviors

    Life can become quite difficult when dealing with obsessive or compulsive disorders. If you find yourself consumed by compulsive thoughts and behaviors that are negatively impacting your relationships and your overall health and well-being, seeking therapy can be an important first step to gaining control over your thoughts and behaviors.

    Difficult Life Transitions

    Difficulties such as the loss of a job, divorce, or loss of a loved one can make a once-peaceful life seem chaotic and unbearable. The emotions that go along with these challenging life transitions can be too much for many people to handle alone. Speaking with a therapist can be an effective way to work through your emotions and grief.

    Although it can feel frightening and overwhelming to take that first step and reach out to a counselling therapist, learning to manage your emotions and behavior is an investment in yourself that can improve your quality of life in dramatic ways. If you or a loved one is interested in exploring treatment, please contact me today. I would be happy to speak with you about how I may be able to help.

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