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  • How to Stay Active When Working from Home

    Since the COVID-19 lockdowns, more and more people have begun to work from home either full time or at a part time capacity. While working remotely definitely has its benefits (wearing pajamas all day and easily being able to grab a snack come to mind), there are also some drawbacks. In addition to less social interaction each day, there is also less movement. And this lack of movement can negatively impact your health and fitness goals.

    If you’re someone who works from the comfort of your home office or sofa, keep reading to find out how you can stay active to stay healthy.

    Stay Active While Working from Home by Scheduling Breaks

    When in an office environment, it’s easy to take a break to walk down to the kitchen or go gab with coworkers at the proverbial water cooler. But when people work from home, they sometimes feel a bit guilty about taking a break. I mean, you already slept in and didn’t shower, AND you want a break on top of that?

    No matter where you work, it’s important to give yourself 10-15 minute breaks a few times a day. Use these to get up and stretch and do a bit of walking to keep the blood flowing.

    Stay Active While Working from Home by Taking Your Conference Calls for a Walk

    Most people have Zoom fatigue these days and we’re all trying to have good ol’ fashioned phone calls once again. Try and make your virtual meetings happen by phone and then take your calls while on a walk. This will help clear your mind so you can focus better. Plus, you’ll burn a decent amount of calories.

    Try a Standup Desk

    Some health experts have recently warned that sitting all day is worse for your health than smoking. While, as it is with all things in life, that depends somewhat on how much a person sits and/or how much a person smokes, the point is that sitting all day is quite hard on your health.

    To mitigate the health risks of sitting for hours, try a standing desk. If cost is an issue, there are laptop stands that adjust. You can place one on your table or desk and raise it to the right standing height. And if your budget is really tight, you can stack boxes or books on top of your desk to get your laptop at the right height. Or perhaps your employer would be willing to help you invest in your health by paying for a standup desk.

    Working from home can be great, as long as you find ways to keep your body active. These tips will keep your heart pumping and your blood flowing so you can protect your health.

    If you are struggling with motivation and would like to explore ways to get your spark and motivation back, please get in touch with us. We would love to explore with you how therapy might help.

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