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  • How to Find the Right Personal Support

    Are you wondering how to find support that’s right for you? Perhaps you started by doing some research but then immediately felt overwhelmed by the many great options that are out there. In this blog we will offer some resources for how to get started with your search.

    Reaching Out Can Be Hard

    First, let’s just acknowledge that reaching out for support and asking for help can feel vulnerable. Vulnerability and shame are some of the biggest reasons many of us delay seeking support until we encounter a point where the struggles we experience have already taken a significant toll on us and our well-being. The impact may include strained relationships, impacts on employment and other responsibilities, depression and anxiety, etc. Therapists have the training and experience to walk you through this process in ways that reduce the vulnerability and shame you feel about needing help.

    First Steps When Looking For Support

    The first step in finding a counsellor is to do some research. There are great tools to help you find a counsellor in Winnipeg that’s right for you:

    • Contact us to request a FREE 15-minute video or phone consultation. Click here to get started
    • Ask a friend or family member. Many of them have been there too
    • Ask a colleague, or an HR person at your workplace
    • Psychology Today
    • Theravive
    • When doing your research online to find the right therapist, make sure to read the therapist’s bio to see if you can connect with them. There is an overwhelming amount of research showing that feeling comfortable and safe with your therapist is one of the most important and helpful things for successful therapy

    Then, once you’ve found a counsellor whose bio connects with what you’re looking for, make the call, or send an email to request a FREE consultation appointment.

    If you would like to explore how we can help, please reach out to us today.

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