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    You find yourself wondering whether there is a different way to access therapeutic support. You know that in-person support offers certain advantages over online therapy in Winnipeg, but for a variety of reasons you would prefer to meet with your therapist virtually. In this blog we will explore online counselling therapy in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and the benefits of telehealth.

    We offer online counselling therapy in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We’d love to hear from you and explore whether online counselling therapy in Winnipeg is right for you.

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    Online Counselling Therapy in Winnipeg and the COVID-19 Pivot to Telehealth

    A study published in the journal Frontiers in Virtual Reality revealed that before the COVID-19 pandemic, only 39% of therapists used telehealth to deliver therapeutic care. In person therapy was simply the norm. However, as a result of the pandemic, many therapists have had to quickly pivot and 98% of therapists now offer their clients online counselling in an effort to help clients continue to make progress in therapy. 2+ years later and many of us—including clients and therapists—are recognizing more concretely that there are some distinct benefits to telehealth.

    Here are just some of the ways online counselling therapy in Winnipeg, Manitoba, can help:

    Online Counselling Therapy in Winnipeg Can Offer Better Access to Care

    In some rural areas of the country, it’s not easy to find qualified mental health therapists. Online counselling in Winnipeg can provide access to care to anyone that needs it, regardless of where clients live.

    Online Counselling Therapy in Winnipeg Offers Convenience

    How often do clients cancel appointments or show up late because of family or work responsibilities? Or due to traffic jams? Access to online therapy in Manitoba reduces the risk for many of these scenarios.


    For a little while longer, even after our country opens up again, many people will continue to feel a significant amount of anxiety about risk of infection when out in public. And yet, should a person lose access to mental health care because of fear of illness and disease? Certainly not.

    What about unsafe weather? We all know that in Manitoba we get snowstorms and icy roads that make it impossible to travel safely. Online therapy in Winnipeg allows people to receive the help they need, regardless of any unsafe road conditions.

    Online Counselling Therapy in Winnipeg Offers Access for Populations With Disabilities

    Oftentimes the people who need access to therapy are the very people who find it difficult to leave their homes or navigate the outside world. Online counselling in Manitoba allows bedridden clients and those with debilitating chronic illnesses access to the help they need and deserve.

    Telehealth in Winnipeg is a Time Saver

    Not many of us ever feel we have enough time in the day to accomplish all that we need to. Many clients appreciate telehealth because it saves them having to deal with traffic, scheduling in possible long drive times, and looking for parking.

    Online Counselling Therapy in Winnipeg Offers Flexibility

    At Empower Counselling Services Winnipeg we have found that those clients who often require our services the most are the ones that are overworked and often have scheduling conflicts. Telehealth in Winnipeg offers timeslots outside of regular hours for clients who would not be able to access in-person therapy during the client’s working hours.

    Telehealth in Winnipeg Helps Clients Show Up on Time

    Therapists benefit from telehealth as well. In any given month, some clients may show up late to an appointment. When a session can begin with the simple click of a mouse, timeliness is greatly improved as there is no traffic or treacherous road conditions to contend with.

    Online Counselling Therapy in Winnipeg Offers Cost Savings

    Online therapy means a therapist can run their practice without the need of front desk staff etc. These extra savings in expenses can be passed on to the client by keeping the therapist’s fees as low as possible, helping you save money.

    Online Counselling Therapy in Winnipeg Offers Privacy

    Traditionally, many people, especially those living in smaller towns and cities, refused to seek help from a therapist for fear that people in the community will find out. Despite the progress we’ve made over the last couple of decades, there is still a stigma attached to mental health treatments. This stigma stops many people from seeking the help they need. Online therapy means an individual can receive help from the comfort of their home, which offers better privacy.

    Online Counselling Therapy in Winnipeg Can Help College or University Students

    Telehealth can help college or university students who often struggle with transportation. Appointments can be done right from your own home; right from the convenience of your living space.

    Online therapy can also be particularly helpful for therapists who treat students who go to the same college or university and may feel ashamed of seeking professional help, and fear their class-mates may find out.

    Telehealth in Winnipeg Offers Many More Benefits

    The above are only a handful of the benefits telehealth offers to both therapists and clients. And while it may take a bit more time before clients and therapists fully embrace online therapy, the future looks bright.

    COVID-19 and Online Counselling Therapy in Winnipeg

    The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lives in many ways. But, as stressful as this lockdown has been for most of us, we have also learned much about ourselves as individuals and collectively as a nation. While it seems our country and the rest of the world are slowly opening back up again, many of us have learned something very important during this crisis: Telehealth offers something unique, including better accessibility and therapy from where you are, on your terms. And it’s really not that surprising that telehealth is expected to continue it’s growth.

    A silver lining that has emerged from this crisis is a new awareness and embracing of treatment tools that have been available for some time. Telehealth and online therapy have been around for a number of years but we are now seeing more and more of the benefits of online therapy.

    Once life gets back to normal, will these virtual tools fall by the wayside? It’s doubtful because they simply offer too many benefits to both clients and providers.

    Online Counselling Therapy at Empower Counselling Services Winnipeg

    We offer online counselling therapy in Winnipeg, Manitoba, because we want to help as many people as we can, as safely, affordably, conveniently, and accessibly as we can.

    If you’d like to explore online counselling therapy in Winnipeg, please get in touch with us to explore whether telehealth in Winnipeg is right for you.

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