• Affordable Counselling Therapy Winnipeg

    When we started our practice we decided to do our best to offer affordable counselling therapy in Winnipeg. We recognize that affordability is a relative term, and while we would love to offer counselling therapy for free, there is the hard reality of needing to earn a living for ourselves. Hence, the best next thing we can do is to keep our Winnipeg therapy services as affordable as possible by keeping our fees as low as possible.

    Our Counselling Therapy Fees

    Our standard rate is $126 per 50-minute therapy session (GST included).

    The Cost of Health

    Have you ever thought about what your health is worth to you? Most of us rarely think about this.

    You Are Worth the Investment: At Empower Counselling Services Winnipeg we believe you are worth your investment. Investing in your health and well-being is truly the best thing you can do for yourself, and by extension, for your loved-ones, your community, and the world.

    People sometimes feel like investing in their own well-being and mental health is selfish and self-serving. The truth is that, when you invest in your own health, you also by extension invest in the health and wellness of your love-ones, your community, the broader society, and the world. Isn't that a powerful way to look at it? A healthier you leads to a healthier family, society, and world!

    And that's why investing in your health is far from selfish and self-serving. It is indeed a wonderfully self-less step for you to take. Doing something for yourself that also makes this world a better place is a double win. You feel better, and in a small way, the world feels better.

    If affordability for counselling therapy in Winnipeg is an issue for you, consider asking yourself the following questions:

    • Is my health more important than that new TV I've been eyeing?
    • Can I make this car work for a bit longer?
    • Is it possible that my spending needs would go down when I feel better?
    • Do I value my self-worth enough to prioritize my well-being?
    • Can my career satisfaction improve due to improved health?
    • Could feeling better about myself actually help me grow a bigger savings?
    • Could I ask my family to help me pay for part of the cost?
    • Heck, what about asking friends/family for a monetary gift for Christmas? Or for your birthday?

    Affordable Counselling Therapy in Winnipeg for Couples

    You may have noticed that many therapists charge a higher fee for couples counselling sessions than for individual counselling sessions. We believe this creates an additional barrier for couples to be able to afford the help needed to thrive in the relationship.

    We do our best to offer affordable counselling in Winnipeg for couples by keeping the prices for individual and couples counselling sessions the same. Our rationale is simple: To make couples counselling as affordable as any other counselling services.


    Please feel free to explore our Services and Specializations, and then let us know if you have any questions about next steps.

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