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    Hi, and welcome to our space. We are Liona Kehler and Vern Kehler, and we're proud and excited to be partners and co-founders of Empower Counselling Services Winnipeg.

    Our vision is to offer a space where you can feel seen, heard, valued, and respected. We strive to create a space where you feel safe to embark on an empowering journey of self discovery and healing. A space where you can experience previously unimagined potential and positive change.

    Please take your time to look around, get a feel for who we are, and then reach out to us for questions.

    Meet Liona Kehler

    Hi there, I'm Liona (she/her/hers). Thanks so much for stopping by today.

    I believe that people are, at their core, incredibly resourceful and resilient. We find a way to survive really difficult experiences the best way we are able to. Sometimes, we have really great resources and supports and the challenges we face are just a blip on the life-path.

    At other times, the challenges are greater or we may not have the resources and support we need, making coping difficult. Warm, compassionate, and experienced therapeutic support can be so helpful for healing.

    It is my goal to create a space that is safe and non-judgmental for you so you can get curious about your needs, desires, hopes, and challenges.

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    Meet Vern Kehler

    Hi there, I'm Vern (he/him/his). Thanks kindly for stopping by.

    I believe it takes great courage to keep showing up when life has not always been easy to you.

    I believe it takes great courage to pursue personal healing and growth. In fact, it's quite possible that you showing up here today was one of those moments of courage.

    I believe that at it's finest, both healing and growth happen in the company of another human, a safe space in the presence of a non-judgmental listening and supportive ear. I strive to create that kind of a space in therapy.

    I believe courage and resilience are close companions. Courageous steps often lead to resilience, and in turn, resilience makes it easier to take courageous personal steps in the future.

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